Jan 17

A Beginner’s Guide On Starting A Lawyer Blog

The Internet has lived up to its reputation of turning the world into a small global village. This has been marked by millions of people taking their businesses online. Among the people taking advantage of these great discovery are the lawyers. A significant number of lawyers worldwide have taken advantage of this by starting their own personalized legal blogs, which are simply known as “blawgs”.

With the advancements that have continued to be made in the field of web tools, creating a blog has never been easier. You do not need lots of money, HTML knowledge or advanced web skills to start one. Blogging for lawyers has become a thing and you should not be left out. So, how does one go about creating a legal blog that is both unique and effective? Follow the following tips.

Pick a niche topic.

The topic that you choose for your legal blog should strike a balance between focusing on the niche area that you are most knowledgeable in and creating an appeal to the biggest possible audience. These topics may include the geographical area (Denver lawyer), niche subject (legal news) or practice area (defense lawyer) among others.

Create quality content.

Low quality content will turn your readers away. Your content should be expertly researched, well written and professional. Regular updates of your content is highly advisable.

Engage your readers.

This you can do by creating a discussion forum on your blog. Have room where your readers can ask questions and post their comments.

Examination of web metrics.

This will help you measure your page views and traffic. Metrics are useful in strategizing your content because they reveal the most popular and the less popular topics among your readers.

Make use of SEO.

A high number of your blog visitors will find the blog via Bing, Google, Yahoo or other search engines. To rank higher and drive more traffic, use words which your potential visitors are most likely to enter in these search engines.


Although the above tips are not exhaustive, they will go a long way in helping you start and establish a successful legal blog.