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Bingo in Media

It comes as no surprise that with bingo being such a big part of the culture in the United Kingdom, a movie would end up being made to show case the unique experiences that bingo players have in their pursuit of big cash prizes. The UK filmmaker Susan Benfatto has been battling to get companies in the TV market interested in her upcoming film Bingo Confidential. The film is a comedy that plays on the environment and personalities often found in the huge number of bingo halls across the nation. There are currently two different UK channels interested in the film, CF and Five stations are considering to the piece and may be airing it soon if a deal is signed in the near future. Online web sites that cater to bingo players have been using their influence to ask their visitors to contact the channels and request that the film be shown on TV. In the latest news, it looks as if Bingo Confidential may indeed be not only a first of its type, but also a revolution in bingo based media.

The comedy will show case the exploits of bingo players around the nation and this alone has lead to massive player interest. Considering the fact that the bingo industry took in well over $1 billion last year alone, it is understood that a sizable audience will be awaiting the picture once it is shown on TV. The player community is holding even more mail in campaigns to get the movie on the air so it is expected that the stations will be won over in the coming months – a major victory for life style bingo enthusiasts.

Since it was such a huge hit during the Great Depression, having been invented in current form in 1929, it would prove to be no small miracle that it would thrive not only in the US in the coming decades, but also in the United Kingdom.

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