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Summerlin – The Trails Village

Have you ever wondered what The Trail’s Village looks like in Summerlin? Well that’s what we’re talking about today and we’re starting right now. Hey everyone welcome back to my channel I’m Angela O’Hare a Realtor here in Las Vegas, Nevada with The O’Hare Team at Urban Nest Realty, if this is your first time here consider subscribing by clicking that button down below and even that Bell for notifications. Because I talk about a lot of cool stuff Las Vegas related and if you’re gonna be living here, you’ll want to know.

So welcome to my exploring Summerlin series and in this series I like to showcase different villages in Summerlin, not only the villages but the parks, the trails, the pools, everything and anything that has to do with Summerlin. Today I will be showcasing The Trails Village, which is one of the original villages in Summerlin, which started commencing in 1993. I also did a couple other videos about Summerlin communities. I did The Hills Village and I also did The Pueblo Village, so don’t forget to check those out in the links above. I like to go over all the different communities that Summerlin has to offer. Being a Summerlin resident there’s so many different types of amenities that is too many to name right now but the point of these videos are to showcase and highlight everything that Summerlin has to offer.

Not only is Summerlin an awesome place to live, it also has lots of great activities for you and your family to enjoy. From Friday nights in the park, to the fourth of July parade. There’s so much to do here in the Summerlin communities, you don’t even have to leave the Summerlin area to do what you need.

There’s shopping, there’s malls, there’s online casinos, there’s Red Rock, there’s so many different things that if you’re thinking about moving here you’ll want to know about. The one neat feature about The Trails village is it has The Trails Community Center, which has the pool. There’s also about a three point seven mile trail that you can walk, hike, jog and then also the trails park with the baseball fields. So I’m going to show you all the different subdivisions within this community and also showcase what The Trails Village has to offer. Sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy the ride.

We’re in The Trails Village Shopping Center just real quick I wanted to show you the shopping center, where there’s a Starbucks, Einstein bagels, McDonald’s, four or five different banks, CVS Pharmacy and Albertsons. It’s a pretty big shopping center right here in the middle of the Trails Village and The Hills Village and Hills South Village. One of the highlights of the trails is the 14 plus acre park that features a lighted baseball field, two lighted softball fields, The Trails Community Center.

And this Center houses Summerlin’s many classes, youth camps, resident meetings, and special events. A swimming pool with bathhouse, wading pool, children’s play area, meadow area, basketball court, and picnic tables. The Trails is aptly named as there are miles of walking trails throughout the village that connects the different residential communities. The Trails is a 3.5 mile loop trail that features beautiful wildflowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and birding and is accessible year-round.

Dogs are also able to use this trail, but must be kept on the leash. There are all kinds of hidden gems, just walking this trail and found this awesome park. Just in the middle of all these different homes. Isn’t that neat? I’m just gonna shoot the shit here.

So a lot of people talk about Henderson and what a great community Henderson is. And not to diss on Henderson, but in my opinion and this is just my opinion, I feel that Summerlin in the NorthWest is far more superior than Henderson. There’s so many kid-friendly things to do around here, very family-oriented. Henderson to me is just a blob, I mean there’s different little communities within Henderson, but nothing pales in comparison to Summerlin.

All right people are coming, so I will talk in a minute. I can not see cause it bright out! So Summerlin is the largest master plan community here in Las Vegas and has ranked number one for many years in a row.

Again there are tons of other great master plan communities but nothing like, the scale of Summerlin. Summerlin is just huge, in other videos I stated there’s about 17 different villages here in Summerlin. So there’s many different opportunities and areas that you can buy a home or live and enjoy. One reason why I like The Hills and The Trails Village is because of the actual amenities it does have to offer.

The Trails Village is unparallel, you have Albertsons, you have lots of shopping, plus just the convenience of the Summerlin hospital close by. So overall this community has a wonderful feeling to it. Tons of people out walking their dogs today, mom’s walking their kids, and there’s private schools, there’s normal schools, there’s just you name it so overall wonderful community. Anyway enough about Summerlin! Just a beautiful day out today.

So I’m gonna go and walk, to get more shots of communities and everything else. Hope this is gonna be helpful, to help you decide where to live here in Las Vegas. There are so many different types of villages to choose from and I hope that each of these village showcases will help you decide what is the best place for you guys to move and live in. Alright Who would have thunk, driving around showing this community is quite tiring. I hope you’ve enjoyed everything I’m gonna go now and show you all the different developments within the trails, the housing developments.

Summerlin Trails Village was developed in 1993 and is the third Summerlin village to be developed. It is comprised of 573 acre mixed-use residential village, which includes several single and multi-family neighborhoods and is located in the Summerlin North Community Association and is part of the Summerlin Master Planned Community. The Trails Village also offers its residents a variety of neighborhoods and houses from which to live. One can select from a variety of subdivisions, which includes starter homes for first-time buyers or larger home plan that is more suitable for a family. The Trails Village also has custom luxury homes, from which to choose. It is little wonder why Summerlin real estate is considered one of the most enjoyable locations to own a Las Vegas home.

If you’re thing about moving to Las Vegas, I highly recommend checking out the Summerlin community. Of course I could be a little biased because I live in the area and I have lived in the area for over 20 years. But there’s no other place like the Summerlin community, it is roughly about 30 minutes away from the strip and that’s probably why I like it so much is because it is on the northwest side of town, up north away from all the chaos, the congestion. And I’ve said in other videos, the good thing about the Northwest part of the valley is that the streets are a lot wider, it’s not as congested, and less traffic.

So if you’re thinking about moving to the Northwest side of town, specifically Summerlin, I would be happy to help you out. I have a forum where you can fill out at the bottom, so I can call you and find out what your wants and needs are for living in Las Vegas. So what did you think of The Trails Village?

Leave a comment down below what your thoughts are on this beautiful community. Not only is it a wonderful place to live, it’s also a place to enjoy a nice active lifestyle; from taking your kids to the Trails Park, enjoying The Trails trail, and also enjoying The Trails Community Center and pool. I hope you’ve enjoyed my discovering Summerlin series about The Trails Village.